Conservation & Biodiversity

Preserve and nourish

Climate change is a cross-cutting phenomenon affecting every aspect of life, biodiversity, and the economy. Work in the field of conservation and biodiversity supports organisations that work in building critical knowledge bases in ecology, environment, water, sanitation, and animal welfare. Our objective is to prepare communities and institutions to build adaptive and resilient models that help communities face these imminent infrastructural and environmental challenges.



We are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction and can see the anthropogenic impacts on biodiversity. As the crisis worsens, the lives of the poor and the most vulnerable hang in the balance, as their livelihood and life are inextricably linked to a healthy environment. Environmental sustainability is key to all life on earth. Preservation, conservation, and ecological repair are the cornerstones of the survival of our planet and our species.

Our interest lies in fighting the impacts of climate change by supporting the development of new interventions, policies, and practices that can promote communities to lead a better quality of life. Building resilience to disasters and helping communities adapt sustainably to the impacts of climate change is also a critical pathway for us.



₹4556 Lakhs


₹545 Lakhs


Disaster Response

The past decade has been rife with natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic. Alongside the Climate & Biodiversity portfolio, our work here supports immediate assistance to communities afflicted by pandemics and natural disasters to help them recover and rebuild in the long term.

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