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Civic Innovation Foundation _Civis_

Building a Bridge Between Citizens and Government

Civis is a non-profit platform that works to enable effective dialogue between governments and citizens on draft laws and policies. It is a community-driven platform that engages with citizenry by offering support to shape laws through public consultations, built and maintained by Civic Innovation Foundation. Civis works on five key areas: urban development, environment, social justice, information technology and health. It aggregates all the draft documents the government seeks feedback on, along with summaries in simple English, and engages with citizen feedback. It has created open source toolkits on civic engagement, which can be implemented in low literacy areas, as well as an open source platform. The feedback received is then analysed and shared with the government and assists government capacity to gather actionable insights and run effective consultations.

What excites us about their work:

  • Create a participatory structure for citizens to engage with draft policies and laws that affect them and bridging the gap that might keep citizens inactive and passive recipients of laws.
  • Creating a technology interface with information for citizens to engage in comfortable and supported ways.
  • Bridging citizen feedback and government accountability.


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