Aman Biradari Trust

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Aman Biradari Trust

Youth for Justice and Peace

Aman Biradari is a people’s campaign that works to bring about such a secular and just India by building local level institutions to strengthen mutual bonds of tolerance. They include youth and women from diverse backgrounds and faith to foster fraternity, respect and peace between people of different religions, caste and language groups, providing livelihood support, legal support and constitutional knowledge.The idea is to inculcate and promote equal citizenship, communal harmony, peace and the celebration of our social and cultural diversity at the grassroots. As part of this work, the trust also organised Karwan e Mohabbat (Caravan of Love), a people’s campaign travelling through the country to talk about the universal values of the constitution and support survivors of hate crimes with legal assistance. 

Why they are the right choice for others

  • Using the Constitution to frame ideas of tolerance and to consolidate interpersonal relationships with this as a fabric, as well as to strengthen institutions.
  • Using interpersonal conversation to spread ideas of equality and tolerance within communities at the grassroots. 
  • Using evidence based fact finding, legal and livelihood support at a national level for people at the grassroots facing the brunt of state supported violence


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