Reporting Legal Lapses

At Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies Foundation (“RNPF”) and Nilekani Philanthropies (“NP”), we are committed to upholding legal values not only in our organisations but also in the organisations that we support.  As part of this commitment, we encourage transparency and accountability from our partners, team, and the wider community, especially their legal obligations. 

All our stakeholders and well-wishers are responsible for upholding and promoting the highest standards of legal conduct and compliance. Any lapses in practising these standards, even if unintentional, may compromise the trust-built framework we envisage for our eco-system. 

We want to hear from you if you have observed or experienced any legal lapses at an organisation supported by RNPF/NP or within RNPF/NP itself. Your report will help us ensure that our partners and organisations continue aligning with our values and maintaining the highest standards of conduct. 

To report an issue, please follow these steps:

Email us at with the subject line “Legal Lapse Report.”

In your email, please provide the following information:

  1. Your name and contact information (optional but encouraged for follow-up)
  2. The name of the organisation involved (or specify “RNPF” or “NP” if the lapse occurred within our organisation or ecosystem)
  3. A detailed description of the incident or concern, including dates, locations, and any individuals involved
  4. Any supporting evidence or documentation, if available

Please note that we will treat all reports with the utmost confidentiality and sensitivity and urge you to do so. If you prefer to remain anonymous, you may submit your report without including your name and contact information. However, we encourage you to provide your details so we can follow up with you for additional information or clarification. We expect any issues brought to our attention to be reported as good faith efforts to address legitimate issues and concerns or provide reliable information. Our systems and processes are not and may not be construed as alternatives to India’s legal system or law enforcement. 

Upon receiving your report, our team will review the information and may take appropriate action as deemed necessary. 

We are grateful for your assistance in maintaining the highest legal standards within our supported organisations, RNPF and NP. Together, we can create a more just and equitable world.