Alerts and Reporting of Scams and Fraudulent Activity

We have been made aware of various potential scams fraudulently claiming themselves to be associated with Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies Foundation (“RNPF”) and/or Nilekani Philanthropies (“NP”) and/or with our office bearers, including our Founders.

There may be numerous forms of scam/ fraudulent correspondence including, but not limited to: e-mail, social media sites, instant messaging services, postal mail, fax, rogue websites and telephone, all claiming to be associated with RNPF/NP. These emails or other correspondence may include RNPF/NP’s logo, photos, links, names of senior officials or additional information taken from RNPF’s official website (available at:

Please be advised that neither RNPF/NP nor its employees, grantees, or partner organisations:

  • Communicate via generic e-mail addresses such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. Any legitimate e-mail from RNPF/NP will always originate from a verifiable RNPF/NP e-mail address (domain of ‘’ or ‘’) and not from any free web-based accounts.
  • Use social media to solicit beneficiaries. We do not send RNPF/NP-related correspondence via LinkedIn InMail, Twitter Direct Message, Instagram Direct Message, Facebook Messenger, or any other social media messaging applications.
  • Approach individuals or organisations offering grant opportunities through a third-party agent.
  • Charge any administrative, membership, handling or other fees when awarding a grant.
  • Offer prizes of any kind through email, postal mail, social media, instant messaging applications, telephone, fax, or in person.
  • Request registration fees to receive any grant opportunities.
  • Solicit individuals or others for investment opportunities.
  • Solicit donations in any way, manner or form at any time from the public.

RNPF/NP strongly recommends that recipients of requests such as those described above (whether sent by e-mail or communicated in any other way) refrain from responding to such requests.

If you doubt the authenticity of any type of correspondence claiming to originate from RNPF/NP, please email This alerts the foundation to the potential scam and allows for it to be investigated and remediated, if necessary. Please note that due to the volume of inquiries we receive, we may not be able to respond to every request.

RNPF/NP shall assume no liability for damages caused through any unlawful or fraudulent correspondence under RNPF/NP’s name.