A fertile space to experiment and innovate

There is a lack of innovation in certain areas of development due to perceived risk and, sometimes, even neglect. These are the very reasons to invest and support such areas. The time is ripe to look at problems from unusual angles and introduce new ways of thinking.

Communities can thrive by harnessing technology to amplify reach, strengthen efforts and build the capacity for change. It’s vital to make long-term bets through patient capital on work at the intersection of urgent need, contextual solutions and lasting change.

Through our grantmaking, we have intentionally made our processes empowering enough to allow partners to show up for the communities they serve. We strive to stay curious through our learning grants (smaller grants made to first time grantees with the aim of giving us some exposure to the space), unrestricted grants and support beyond grants (learning sessions, research support and convenings).

We are committed to supporting ambitious, ground-breaking work, and turning ideas into reality for the greater good.

All grants before March 31, 2022, were made by Rohini Nilekani in her personal capacity.


01_Fields of Work (315x315 px)
Access to Justice
Justice within reach
03_Fields of Work (315x315 px)
Active Citizenship
Collective Co-creation
04_Fields of Work (315x315 px)
Climate & Environment
Conservation, Adaptation & Co-creation
06_Fields of Work (315x315 px)
Gender equity
05_Fields of Work (315x315 px)
Mental Health
Transformative change


08_Fields of Work (315x315 px)
Arts & Culture
Revival is here
10_Fields of Work (315x315 px)
Ecosystem Building
Stronger from Within
02_Fields of Work (315x315 px)
A Strong Samaaj
09_Fields of Work (315x315 px)
Think Tanks
Ideas for change
Public Health Icon
Public Health
Empowering communities for a healthier future