Ashoka – ASPIRe


Changemakers in action

ASPIRe is a global initiative co-created by Ashoka and Societal Platform to support a diverse
cohort of Ashoka Fellows through an in-depth accelerator to reimagine how their social-impact
missions can be redesigned using platform and system change thinking. ASPIRe supports
Ashoka Fellows to envision transformative change in their sectors at population scale, and to
distribute the ability to solve problems and nurture solutions while creating agency in the
communities within which they operate in context. The premise is to develop know-how for
social entrepreneurs that can be used for large scale change and to galvanise a network of
visionaries across sectors.

What excites us about their work:

  • To create bridges and create an ecosystem of changemakers to leverage key ideas, system thinking and toolkits to build a vision for how to create change at scale across contexts.
  • Creating knowledge toolkits that can be shared and distributed across and within communities to nurture agency.
  • Helps to reimagine what leadership is: as not only about solving single issue problems but to provide agency, information and networks to communities.
  • To nurture large scale action by using tools and information.


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