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Bhansali Trust

Supporting the Mushahir communities

Founded nearly half a century ago, the NGO works in the fields of medicine, education, income generation, de-addiction and socioeconomic issues in districts of Gujarat and Orissa. Since 2015, they have initiatives a project to work with the Mushar community Gaya, Bihar. This project works with 525 villages to provide good education to the community, as well as paramedical workers with full time mobile clinics to take care of the health of the community. In Champaran, they run four schools with hostels to help very poor families of this caste group have access to health and education. This work includes eye camps, operative camps for surgeries, prevention of childhood blindness, reducing malnourishment and providing supplementary nutrition.

Why they are the right choice for others:

  • An older model of philanthropic work that channels funds from the diamond industry and diamond families towards community health and development
  • Decades of experience in the field of community health interventions, as well as finance, employment and education
  • Free interventions in specialist areas of medicine, education, self help and finance
  • Long term and sustained model of intervention


Bhansali Trust

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