I’m Every Woman (Durga)

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Im Every Woman (Durga)

The ABCD to being a Durga!

I’m Every Woman is a citizen’s initiative that helps women and girls harness important life skills to deter crime. The work is to educate girls and women to understand sexual harassment, their social environment and their response mechanism. They have created an entire course curriculum to explain sexual harassment in various contexts. The idea is to encourage individuals to ‘Be a Durga’ and create a safe space of control for themselves. Their work is done through interventions on public spaces, encouraging bystanders and citizens to create safety, and work with corporates and the police. 

Why are they the right choice for others:   

  • Empower women to act with agency and self-protection in public spaces with detailed education and support
  • Work to create gender equitable public spaces through interventions and campaigns with street vendors, public transportation and and active bystanders, thereby creating a safer public
  • Work with the police and bystanders to ensure reporting of sexual harassment and crime in public spaces


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