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Serve the underserved

The Solidarity Foundation’s work is to strengthen movements of gender/sexual minorities and sex workers and to shift the power in favour of these groups. They build grassroots collectives and leadership, livelihood initiatives, and spotlighting overlooked issues. A key part of their work is in strengthening institutions, building leadership, engaging in livelihood and wellbeing initiatives, and participating in the movements they support. They complement the work of individual donors and large foundations by reaching out to grassroots organisations and offering them support for their campaigns and projects. They work at the national level, but focus their efforts in South India, facilitating the flow of resources, ideas and knowledge among stakeholders such as community organisations, corporate entities, professions and practitioners in the field.

Why are they the right choice for others:

  • Act as facilitators between different stakeholders to mobilise resources to support social justice groups working for marginalised groups: sex workers and gender and sexual minorities especially.
  • Strengthening the social change ecosystem to work towards the dignity and freedom of these groups through fundraising, grantmaking and fostering relationships with philanthropy and leadership.


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