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Vacha are a group of women with varied backgrounds in social activism, community work, media, research, management, law, writing, finance and teaching. They conduct interventions with intersectionality deprived adolescents in bastis, working with girls and to sensitise boys to ensure support for girls in families and communities. They run Girls Empowerment programmes. Vacha visibalises and advocates for girls and women by participating in various networks and campaigns, conducting conferences and producing publications. Girls at Vacha are trained to emerge as leaders for younger programme participants and work on community action, empowered with skills like planning, critical thinking, fundraising, budgeting and problem solving. The institution is now 35 years old.

Why they are the right choice for others:

  • Working at the community level to sensitise boys and families to support girls empowerment.
  • Working with young girls in systematic programmes to ensure all round skill and confidence to become leaders and community actors.
  • Strong support for girls to go on and have varied careers.


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