Vimochana Forum for Women’s Rights

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Respect and power

Meaning liberation, Vimochana began as part of the women’s movement and went on to become a women’s collective working on the personal forms of violence perpetrated on women within the home and the outside, such as dowry tortures, murder, marital violence, rape, and larger political forms of violence. The primary focus is on the growing violence in the personal sphere in the home and community, and how that moves outward into society. They reach out to women in distress through emotional and legal support, create focused campaigns on specific issues including morchas, dharnas and creative public action to pressurise authorities on specific cases of injustice. They also work on advocacy related to women’s human rights, conduct programmes for educational and research institutions, police and other government functionaries, and redefine public and political spaces.

Why are they the right choice for others:

  • Offer strong support to women’s resistance to patriarchal violence within the home and communities through multi pronged strategies.
  • To bring accountability to the personal space, collective spaces (like communities and the state) to be responsive to violence against women.
  • To bring in care and educational impetus to women’s campaigns in dealing with violence against women.


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