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Services, Security and solutions for migrant workers

Aajeevika Bureau works to achieve equitable and dignified work for labouring communities which are part of India’s seasonal, circular migrant workforce, and who face many sociolegal problems that are given scant attention in policymaking. They support and enable strong workers’ organisations to ensure the workers articulate their demands, and work directly through a network of ‘Shramin Sahayata Sandarbh Kendras’ in rural blocks of south Rajasthan and urban centres of Gujarat and Maharashtra. They support workers in migration sensitive sectors of construction, small manufacturing and processing, hotels and restaurants, transportation, agriculture and so on, offering legal aid, skilling and job placement, and linkages to social security, financial inclusion and health care.

Why they are the right choice for others

  • Work in partnership with labour movements, academia, government, and industry to collectively contribute to the agenda of welfare and security of migrant workers
  • Build knowledge on migration and offer legal services and essential services and solidarity to migrant workers
  • Support a vulnerable segment of migratory communities in western India across tribal belts and urban centres
  • Building a movement to make labour migration more equitable and free of hardship


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