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New solutions to serve the poor

Acumen Academy works to support social innovators and leaders focused on building a just, inclusive and sustainable world. They support a community that wishes to embrace the challenges of solving the world’s most difficult problems, providing tools, practices and resources needed for creating new solutions. They offer courses to support people interested in creating social change, working with 500 thousand people in 192 countries. They run a challenge based course and masters classes to help build skills to drive change in communities and businesses, as well as fellowships for cohorts of leaders keen on building a inclusive world. They run an accelerator which is an intensive, cohort based sprint delving deep into practices for scaling business and leadership.

Why they are the right choice for others:

  • Facilitating the training and growth of social innovators and enterprise leaders for working across lines of difference and based in a strong ethos of social justice
  • Working across the globe at scale to bring a platform of ideas, innovators and skills, keeping ideas agile, local yet global
  • Co-creating social change with other ecosystem actors


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