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Akshara Foundation

Starting young

Akshara Foundation focuses on quality education as the right of every child. Through the use of
technology and digital infrastructure, they aim to bring education to all children. They offer
accessible technology-based innovations for teachers and children. This was conceived as a
tripartite partnership between the government, corporate and voluntary sector. Thus far, they
have worked in Karnataka, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh and impacted 4 million children.

What excites us about their work:

  • Based on collaborations between private actors, the state and social work, the work is to strengthen institutions of learning in delivering education.
  • Using digital technology to streamline and enable the process of education delivery.
  • Working with primary school children to ensure that their basic and primary educational needs are well served
  • Working in conjunction with critical policies to ensure that key areas of education are well delivered.


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