Anahad Foundation

Anahad Foundation

Technology empowering folk music

The Anahad Foundation works on empowering folk musicians by preserving their music through the use of production, technology, copyrights and supporting songwriting skills. In their work, they have seen that artists earn through live music at cultural festivals, all of which came to a halt during the upheavals caused by the coronavirus pandemic. it was observed that 90% of the artists and their families lacked an income source to attain a state of financial stability during crisis situations that lasted longer than a few weeks. This jeapordised folk musicians livelihoods and wages. The Anahad Artist Relief fund provides artists with required support to secure their financial stability, through unforseeable situations of crisis in society.

Why they are the right choice for others

  • Using a research-based programme, this relief fund focuses on preservation and propagation of the art forms that artists base their livelihoods on. This is to support to support artists in situations of crisis.
  • Provides support via technology and knowledge infrastructure to folk musicians and artists to participate in the contemporary arena, acting as a bridge
  • Supports folk musicians from underprivileged backgrounds with disaster relief grants by a model that requires the individuals to write in for support.


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