Bolti Bandh

Bolti Bandh

Learning to Listen

Bolti Bandh is a team of writers, illustrators and enthusiasts of dialogue who bring stories, conversations and methodologies to the table that enable others to listen to the other side of an idea. Their belief is that it is important to listen, and hear, and to encourage our inherent human curiosity to engage rather than antagonise through arguing about the right and wrong of things. They believe that in our diverse society, this act of listening and dialoguing is a societal muscle that needs to be sustained for political reform. 

Why they are the right choice for others: 

  • Operationalises a model that helps society dialogue with itself through methods and training
  • Uses varied methodologies from research, arts and the theatre to help participants in workshops understand the experience of making others feel heard about why they believe what they do, and, in turn being heard by others, offering a model to train other civil society scenarios. 
  • Encouraging a citizenship in polarised times that is about putting aside certainties but forging sustainable dialogue in the favour of peace


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