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A life of dignity for all

CEQUIN has been working in the area of empowering women and girls to enable them to exercise their choices and develop their capacities. In their project ‘Mardon Wali Baat’, they work on the premise that men and boys are part of the solution and not only the problem, and create gender awareness around the narrative of stereotyping in India. Their interventions encourage young boys to be well informed, helping them to advocate for changes in men and boy’s attitudes. Their work hope sot rebrand and redefine masculinity to create an environment that facilitates gender equity.

Why are they the right choice for others:

  • Approaching the problem of gender equity from both sides of the coin, involving young boys and men in being part of the solution and creating a safe space for them to explore and redefine masculinity
  • Working across schools towards leadership and gender sensitisation using evidence based interventions to engage boys to inculcate greater sensitivity
  • Working in a slow, accretive partnership model across states via strong collaboration and partnership to create agency for young men in their communities


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