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Shaping ideas, building public consensus

Centre for Policy Research is one of India’s leading public policy think tanks since 1973. It is a non-profit, non-partisan, independent institution dedicated to conducting research that contributes to high-quality scholarship, better policies, and a more robust public discourse about the issues that impact life in India. CPR brings thinkers and policy practitioners to conduct research and bridge the gap between ideas and policy design in India, and through a multidisciplinary faculty influences important legislations, reforms, and provides strategic advice to national and subnational governments. CPR works with universities, task forces, government committees while fostering scholarly and strategic engagement. Its primary work is to create policy perspectives for 21st century India.

Why are they the right choice for others:

  • Works across state and civil society to produce theoretical discourse necessary for policy formulation and advocacy across the country at subnational and national levels.
  • Focused and rigorous public engagement with ideas and narratives to shape public understanding of policy debates
  • Works on building theory and policy frameworks for new emerging concerns of the 21st century by working with legislators, academics and civil society actors


Centre for Policy Research

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