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CLPR uses a multidisciplinary approach towards public interest intervention and legal research through a independent analysis of the law. The idea is to better equip citizens to evaluate their own sociopolitical contexts and improve access to justice to marginalised groups — done through academic publications, public engagements, workshops and courses. Their work includes social engagement at the grassroots to develop strategies grounded in core constitutional human rights values. They are committed to an advocacy strategy that delivers maximal impact through law reform, policy advocacy, research and strategic litigation in lower courts, High Courts and the Supreme Court. They run a database of Constituent Assembly Debates, run a network of Constitution societies across India to create a constitutional culture in india, work towards governance reform in information regulation. They represent women and girls, people with disabilities, transgender persons and sexual minorities.In their work on transgender rights, they work towards legal research, litigation, legal aid and advocacy around issues of legal rights around changing names and gender identity, a collation of legal developments in trans issues in South Asia and a newsletter on transrights.

Why they are the right choice for others:

  • Working with a focus on the rights of marginalised groups in gender and sexuality through pedagogy, intersectionality and legal representation
  • A strong focus on constitutionality and the importance of human rights values in all strategies
  • Creating a coalition of work to build a constitutional culture in India



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