Stronger together

Co-Impact is a philanthropic collaborative that advances inclusive systems change and gender justice through grantmaking and influencing philanthropy. To accelerate progress towards gender equality and women’s leadership, the Gender Fund supports predominantly women-led Global South organisations, using long-term, unrestricted, long-term, flexible funding. The aim is to transform systems to be more just and inclusive, advance women’s power, agency and leadership at all levels and shift harmful gender norms that prevent progress. Gender Fund will use USD 1 billion over the next decades, and provide US $10 million to feminist groups and movements across the Global South who are critically positioned to deliver their vision. Over the next 10 years, this amount will grow to at least US $100 million (10% of the fund) as they reach funding goals. The grants will support a wide range of organizations working to advance gender equality in 6-8 countries across Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Why are they the right choice for others:

  • Sharply focused on gender and gender-focused investing helping place women at the centre of problem solving and investment
  • Run by Co-impact which since 2017 has convened partnerships of philanthropists, global leaders, corporates, and governments to work on systemic issues of justice and equality
  • Experience running two funds simultaneously, the gender fund and its foundational fund in health, education, and employment

Working with a Systems Change Approach:

  • Support program partners to be the architects and drivers of the change they seek
  • Focus on lasting impact at scale for millions of women, men, girls, and boys in the Global South
  • Provide large, long-term, flexible grants to transform underlying systems
  • Support locally-rooted coalitions to work with governments and/or market systems to drive evidence-informed change




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