Common Purpose

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3. Happy participants at a CP programme - Saira Philipose

Developing leaders for a globalising society

Common Purpose works with leaders to help develop their ability to bridge boundaries, across generations, geographies, sectors and beliefs. They offer in person and online programmes — courses, seminars, conferences, presentations and meetings — to government officials, heads of organisations, NGOs and students, and representatives from private entities. To these leaders, they train them in tackling complex problems involving diverse stakeholders to create impact, while adapting to changing situations and situating their role in the diverse and wider ecosystems in which they operate.

Why are they the right choice for others:

  • Bringing individuals working in leaderships from different and diverse contexts together to learn about connecting and working towards a adaptive and inclusive leadership
  • Transforming systems by working with individuals, helping them solve complex problems that involve multiple and diverse stakeholders
  • Foster dialogue and contextualise leadership within a wider ecosystem, enabling an environment where people can work with others who are different from them courageously.


Common Purpose

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