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Payment Solutions for NGOs

Danamojo is India’s first payment solutions platform designed specifically for small and midsized NGOs. Their premise is based on research which says that NGOs gain more donations on their own websites than externally. Their purpose is to help NGOs raise more funds from individuals by providing a convenient and efficient mechanism to collect donations through an ecommerce like donations storefront that can integrate with the NGO website. As a technology platform, their solution offers increased fund flaw, exhaustive payment options, gateways for international donors as well as cheque pick up proecsses. Their platform takes care to address 80G receipts, compliance on legal requirements and parsing of key information for FC and non-FC donations to ensure legal compliancy on all funds.

Why are they the right choice for others: 

  • Create a useful and high-quality technological solution for a logistical challenge and operational area of key importance to social sector enterprises, which often face trouble with payment gateways 
  • Help frame a category for ‘donations’ to differentiate them from products or services, which is a lacunae in the not-for-profit sector
  • SaaS platform is of assistance to NGOs working with underprivileged sections to engage and retain donors, hoping to lend them a platform to gain similar levels of financial access as for-profits have
  • Assist NGOs in integrating this platform on their website at no additional cost to them.


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