EkStep Foundation

Access to learning opportunities for every child

EkStep takes on the multidimensional problem of a lack of access to learning opportunities in India, working to improve literacy and numeracy and addressing this challenge at scale. EkStep has developed SunBird, an open source, configurable and modular digital infrastructure designed for scale and open sourced under MIT license. SunBird’s open digital infrastructure supports many languages and teaching and learning solutions to suit varied context and needs, made available to governments, non-profits and private entities. EkStep also curates Societal Platform, which reimagines societal solutions for scale. The belief is that for things to work for scale, they need to be designed such that the problem gets solved. Their focus is to enable civil society, governments and the private sector to make meaningful decisions for the collective wellbeing, catalysing interactions, building public goods and orchestrate sharing of resources.

Why are they the right choice for others:

  • Work with an open source, scalable data platform to ensure access to learning resources
  • Work with designing solutions in context and at for scale as public goods, via collaborative thinking and networks
  • Work across social, government and private across to offer sectoral know-how, frameworks and catalyses interactions between entities.



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