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Games & stimulation for better public policy

Fields of View undertakes research at the intersection of technology, the social sciences and art to design tools for policymakers and people affected by policy. They work with a Policy Lab where they do research on urban poverty, energy, transportation, disaster management and water, creating and designing new methods in simulations and games. Their School of Policy offers training programmes and workshops for government agencies and civil society organisations across South Asia on using the methods and tools they have created. They create artifacts like graphic novels, games and videos to make policy more accessible and actionable.

Why they are the right choice for others:

  • Making policy more accessible with the use of technology and newer tools
  • Working across sectors – civil society, governments and independent bodies – to create a bridge between policy making and the people policies are made for
  • Creating new methodologies for giving policymaking more motility in the public sphere


Fields of View

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