Foundation for Accelerating Philanthropy (AIP)

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Give more, give sooner, give better

Accelerate Indian Philanthropy (AIP) was founded in 2021 with the vision of building an institution that fundamentally transforms the strategic giving landscape in India. AIP works with ultra-high net worth individuals and families (in India and the diaspora) to create sustainable impact by inspiring and enabling them to give more, give sooner, and give better. AIP is incubated at The Convergence Foundation (TCF), a grant-making incubator run by philanthropist Ashish Dhawan that builds and scales new foundations in key areas of India’s development sector. TCF identifies critical gaps in key economic and social areas, partners with outstanding institution builders, and works on building long-lasting organisations.
The idea behind AIP is to inspire personalised and thoughtful giving, while facilitating an evidence based giving roadmap to philanthropies. Their work includes communication and curating insights from the philanthropic ecosystem and providing bespoke advisory services to philanthropists. They also work to bring philanthropists together in platforms to share ideas and knowledge. Their work is oriented to billionaires who will have a combined network of INR 360 crore while the bottom 50% of the population deals with increasing inequity. They wish to push philanthropy as a critical aspect of wealth creation.

Why they are the right choice for others:

  • A peer network of philanthropists working to support the work of thoughtful giving without any conflict of interest.
  • Bringing together and convening a ecosystem of philanthropy to facilitate partnerships and strengthen the sector



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