India Development Review (IDR)

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IDR is an independent media platform for the development community in India, publishing ideas, lessons and insights written by and for people working on India’s problems. Their community of contributors includes experts, practitioners, donors, development thinkers and researchers, grassroots workers, and activists. The writing is fact-based, and editorially independent, working to make things simple and relevant. The idea of this platform is to gather the vast trove of expertise and insight on social change, and to bring it to people in the right format to help them gain learning, evidence and best practices.

Why are they the right choice for others:

  • Brings information that is stuck in silos and inside organisational memory and files within the development sector into the public in well edited and published material as a free resource – both to read and republish under Creative Commons
  • Brings a cross-sector focus on development problems, research and practice
  • Helps foster a social sector that can drive social change across the country with easy to access and clear written material


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