Landscape Foundation India

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The green life

The mission of the Landscape Foundation is to disseminate knowledge on architecture in India, and to educate society about sustainable living. They identify landscape architecture as an ecological field of theory and practice and believe that it holds a critical place in our environmental issues and dealing with climate change. The core objective of the Foundation is to augment systems to mitigate climate change and conserve natural resources. The Foundation devotes special attention to students and professionals in landscape architecture and allied fields of environmental design. It carries out its works in various formats, including seminars, lectures, workshops, competitions, films, exhibitions, documentation, books, and digital media. Their vision is to deepen awareness of nature–its symbiotic relationship with culture, its conservation and restoration, its aesthetic and philosophical dimensions for a better and more imaginative future for all species and their habitats.

Why are they the right choice for others:

  • Bringing environmental sensitivity and sensibility to architectural practice through pedagogy and education
  • Integrating a climate change frame work into the framework of architecture as a disciplinary area
  • Bringing a knowledge of the importance of sustainable architecture to society at large


UN Sustainability GOALS