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Ability beats disability

The Latika Roy Foundation is a voluntary organization in India working with children and adults who have developmental and other disabilities. It is a resource centre for people with special needs and provides early intervention services, livelihoods development, education, and training. They take a rights based approach to challenges of injustice and provide specialised, localised services to children with disabilities and their families. Their mission is a better world for children with disabilities. Over the years, they have created neighbourhood children’s centres, a school, and early intervention centres, vocational training centres and have acted as a resource for information, outreach, advocacy and training on disability. They now work with the National Rural Health Mission with intensive assessments and home management plans as well as working with premature babies in neonatal intensive care units.

Why are they the right choice for others:

  • Work with individuals, communities and the state to support and improve the life and growth of children with disabilities, who need more care and support.
  • Creating resources, trainings, skills and building a knowledge base for key critical developmental disabilities for use in different settings, with a rights based approach to care.
  • Working on advocacy and information dissemination on up to date and rights-based discourse on developmental disabilities.


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