Make A Difference

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Make a Difference

Pioneering interventions that help children break out of poverty in a single generation

Make a Difference offers community-powered social protection for vulnerable children and makes age appropriate interventions to enable them to break out of poverty within a generation. They provide individual care and attention and protection, starting with the age group of 10-13 years, hoping all children can have a reasonable quality of life without suffering and burdens to make ends meet. They are driven by the idea of equitable outcomes, which offers dignity to children on their own terms. An important part of this is to give them the ability to cope with life crises and stay protected from exploitation. This is done via empowering the child in terms of emotional health, education, transition readiness and aftercare, including lifeskills and exposure. For this, they focus on improving the ecosystem in terms of care practices and shelter, family support and repatriation, state policy and accountability, sensitising private business an community at large. They enable the sector by conducting research and monitoring, sharing their knowledge and building networked infrastructure.

Why are they the right choice for others:

  • Working across sectors to bring a coalition of actors to support vulnerable children through policy, care, research, monitoring and interventions
  • Using an ecosystems approach to protecting children
  • Offering tools and knowledge and training at a systemic level to a child across all parameters of care for their empowerment


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