Mariwala Health Initiative

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Innovative mental health initiatives

Mariwala Health provides grant and strategic support to organisations and collectives working within communities to provide greater access to mental health services for all. They foster an environment of accessible, affirmative, rights-based and user-centric mental healthcare, and foreground historically marginalised communities while emphasising the structural determinants of mental health. They work with a community of researchers, activists, service providers in the mental health space, users of mental health services and survivors, marginalised communities and law policy bodies. These partnerships make for a multipronged approach with rights-based, psychosocial approach towards mental health and illness.

Why they are the right choice for others:

  • Collaborating with a range of stakeholders in India to create a wider net of awareness and services for mental health concerns.
  • Creating a network of high quality services through a coalition of research, activism, community based interventions, capacity building and policy reforms.
  • Bringing a structural understanding of mental health and illness issues to focus on social justice, and supporting the historically oppressed.


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