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Rang De is a peer to peer lending platform focused on providing timely and affordable credit to unbanked communities. They work in social investing, and enable individuals to lend to unbanked farmers, artisans and entrepreneurs to help them kickstart, sustain and grow their livelihoods. Their mission is to revolutionise credit access for last mile financial inclusion, and work by using human centred technology to make technology affordable for borrowers and ensure that lenders have a rich social experience. They are driven by transparency, and are changing the nature of India’s philanthropic landscape. They work with impact partners who work on the ground to empower communities through training, capacity building, and conducting due diligence to find entrepreneurs from the community and support theme to use credit effectively. They have had 7000+ social investors investing about 4.4 lakhs.

Why are they the right choice for others:

  • Building a creative philanthropic and donorship model in which investors are enriched by their experience of donation and learn about important parts of social realities
  • Ensuring last mile financial inclusion to entrepreneurs in communities and supporting their journey through diligent financial support and information
  • Using technology to bridge the gap in the donor ecosystem for social investing to scale the impact of projects and working with impact partners around the country.


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