Reap Benefit

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Empowering youth to stand up for society

Dedicated to collective action, this platform encourages and nurtures young people with
the knowledge and tools they need to grow up into active citizens called Solve Ninjas. Its
programs and events cover schools, colleges, and communities, and include awareness and
capacity-building workshops, co-design sessions, technical and technological support, and
networking and convening for collaborative problem-solving. Solutions designed by community
problem solvers capacitated by the organization include air quality monitors, human-centred
design dustbins, waterless urinals, and community waste and garbage disposals.

What excites us about their work:

  • Creating youth leaders and problem solvers, and hence giving agency and power back to communities to solve their problems
  • Instilling values of innovation and entrepreneurship amongst youth
  • Enabling uptake of transferable skills for young children and communities
  • Examine civic and environmental problems at a hyperlocal level and creating DIY cost effective solutions that can be shared with stakeholders and governance for impact.
  • Recruit local actors for creating relevant narratives for campaigning and building solutions using technology


UN Sustainability GOALS