Samaj Pragati Sahayog

Samaj Pragati Sahayog

Grassroots power

Samaj Pragati Sahayog (SPS) is grassroots initiatives for water and livelihood security, working
across 72 of India’s backward districts in the central adivasi belt. As a laboratory for learning,
SPS works on location specific watershed development combined with low cost, low risk
agriculture and nature based livelihoods and women led microfinance. The idea is to increase
rural incomes, and alleviating distress migration and help liberate communities from usurious
money lending practices.

What excites us about their work:

  • Working in remote and grassroots for the residents of drought-prone tribal areas.
  • Using alternative development models based on equity, sustainability and people’s empowerment to ensure water security, which provides livelihood and economic growth.
  • Strong connections between thematic areas of focus to facilitate strong outcomes.
  • Work by building strong institutions led by women in areas of health and education outcomes.
  • Working to ensure accountability of government systems and helping the poor extricate themselves from usurious moneylenders by taking chances by opportunities of the market.
  • Using existing sarkar institutions and democratic systems of representation and decision making like Panchayati Raj Institutions for political gains for people.
  • Leveraging the knowledge created in the key areas of work to facilitate mutual learning across Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.


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