Slam Out Loud

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Slam Out Loud

Building life skills among disadvantaged children

Slam Out Loud uses the power of performance and visual arts to help build creative confidence life skills like communication, critical thinking and empathy for children from disadvantaged communities. It is an initiative that provides art-based learning to children from at-risk communities facing socioeconomic, physical or emotional barriers to exploring the Arts. The Delhi-based organisation is currently working with 6500 students (aged six to 16) and more than 100 artists, using workshops on creative expression through poetry, storytelling, and theatre, to build skills that go far beyond artistic sensibilities, like leadership, mindfulness, and communication skills. The idea is to give children a voice, and they do this through a year long fellowship which brings professional artists to low income classrooms to deliver arts based learning sessions in poetry, storytelling, theatre and visual arts. The Voice For All programme is an amalgam of e-learning resources and the development of on the ground community platforms providing arts based learning free of cost in the vernacular and in context.

Why are they the right choice for others:

  • Using the arts for communication and self understanding and expression for disadvantaged groups and to spark social change.
  • Bringing art into a milieu that is often overlooked to create a well rounded education, and focusing on the arts for social and emotional development, language development, cultural awareness and social confidence.


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