Society for Education, Action and Research in Community Health (SEARCH)

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Healthcare from the Heartland

Society for Education, Action & Research in Community Health (SEARCH) is a voluntary organization set up in 1986 at Gadchiroli, one of the most impoverished districts in India with tribals constituting 40% of its population.SEARCH has been working among the poor and marginalized rural and tribal population of Gadchiroli spanning over 134 villages. SEARCH works together with the community to find relevant solutions to health problems. The key idea of the work is to put health in people’s hands, and to help them achieve freedom from disease and dependence. The four areas that they do this through are service, education, research and shaping policy.

Why are they the right choice to support:

  • Working with a highly underserved population to produce critical research and clinical interventions in the area of tribal health.
  • Producing context specific practices and scientific intervention in the area of community health to a local population that are scalable interventions for other parts of the country and the world.
  • Empowers communities to take care of their own health through educaiton and interventions over a sustained engagement of now 40 years.


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