Sumanasa Foundation

Sumanasa Foundation

Supporting marginalised artists

Sumanasa Foundation was established in 2005 with the objective of engaging with the arts and community. Sumanasa supports projects that help in building art and culture, enabling communities and fostering culturally vibrant spaces and creating platforms for artists and art forms from marginalised backgrounds. The purpose is to create different avenues for artists to engage in social dialogue, and in building appreciation and interest in the arts. The organisation has funded several initiatives over the years: Chennai Kalai Theru Vizh which works to “heal art”, Svanubhava to provide a space for students to perform exclusively, Kalaikoodam as an arts school for cross-community engagement, for example. Additionally, Sumanasa supports projects pertaining to the archival and preservation of various art forms. They view archival forms as not only a tool to retrieve something that is not maintained but also a tool by which we can go back to the past and learn something for the future.

Why are they the right choice for others:

  • Create spaces for conversations and engagement on cross-community dialogue on music and music practice.
  • Expand the bridges between cultures with art and music through festivals, schools and community environments.
  • Supporting and nurturing musicians in their craft.
  • Providing funds for causes around the well being of musicians who have struggled at the hands of calamities.


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