The Community Library Project

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The Community Library Project

A Movement for Publicly Owned, Free Libraries

The Community Library Project believes all people should have access to books. They are a low-cost, people’s initiative that is committed to the work of building a movement for a publicly owned, free library system that is accessible to all. The project has 3 libraries in Delhi and Gurugram for 6000 children and adults, all through the week. TCLP libraries have evolved into cultural and literary hubs, where members of the community can engage with one another’s ideas in a safe and meaningful way. Duniya Sabki is an online extension of TCLP’s physical libraries. The free digital platform is a collection of video and audio read alouds, as well as links to books, magazines and other texts. It is sent by Whatsapp to over 2,000 members three times each week, and is also available on YouTube, SoundCloud and our website.

Why are they the right choice for others:

  • Nourishing the idea of a publicly owned, free access to books to encourage literacy and imaginative thinking at the social level.
  • Working in and embedded within neighbourhoods and communities and disseminating books and read alouds both physically and online.
  • Enrolling civil society actors to evangelise for the importance of reading and books and in translations helps build a vast discourse around the importance of reading.


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