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The YP Foundation

Youth leaders for greater inclusiveness

The YP Foundation is a youth-led organisation that facilitates young persons’ feminist and rights-based leadership. Their work is especially in the area of health equity, gender justice, sexuality rights and social justice. They implement direct youth-led and engaging programmes to ensure access to information, services and rights, in areas such as abortion, sexuality education, queer rights, mental health wellbeing, adolescent health and leadership and so on.

They run programmes based on the belief that adolescents and youth across urban, rural, socio-economic, and cultural differences have a strong capacity to understand and engage with issues that directly impact them.

What excites us about their work:

  • Working with adolescents and young adults to ensure meaningful participation in policy engagement, and to institutionalise the participation of young people in governance and policy mechanisms over time.
  • Works on capacity building of young people by offering knowledge on skills of leadership and advocacy and facilitates and supports young people in undertaking policy advocacy initiatives.
  • They build youth networks across the country to help them access rights-affirming education in areas of sexuality education, sexual rights, mental health and leadership.
  • Creative programmes to reach youth across contexts pan-India (at scale) to understand human rights and social justice.
  • Developing leadership for young women for community-based interventions


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