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Research to policy

VAF focuses on key development issues faced by communities and grassroots workers by conducting high quality and high intensity research that can impact policy discussions. They work on identifying unattended development situations that concern the disenfranchised in areas which are not considered worthy of research, conduct research in these areas and create publications to influence civil society, donor and government action on these issues. They have conducted 15 studies in as many states in 12 thematic areas. The field work they conduct and research they produce are meant to be disseminated widely to create awareness on these issues.

Why are they the right choice for others:

  • Focus on areas in development that are considered unworthy of research by known institutions and universities in order to push for developmental challenges faced by the disenfranchised.
  • Circulate and disseminate research to bring donor and other awareness and government action in these areas.
  • Conduct courses on the development ecosystem for development practitioners to understand the financial methods in the sector, disaster situations, institutional sustainability and logistical challenges in implementing development projects.


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