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Empowering Citizens Through Constitutional Awareness

We, The People Abhiyan works to empower citizens to own, understand and practice constitutional values, rights, and responsibilities in their lives and communities. We facilitate in-depth training, dialogue events, training of trainers programmes and action projects involving diverse groups of citizens across India.

We, The People Abhiyan, works to empower all citizens to own, understand and practice responsible citizenship and constitutional values. They explore how individuals can exercise rights and responsibilities as citizens in a free, sovereign and democratic state. They create resources through the Citizenship Education Programme (CEP), a capacity-building programme to help citizens understand constitutional values, rights and responsibilities, and governance frameworks through community-based action. With CEP, they work with schools and with civil society organisations. Their Constitution Connect events enable youth citizens to understand their role as Indians through facilitation and workshops in person and online. For all their work, they develop content that considers what information and knowledge is required to shift citizen perspectives and for action on the ground in subjects as wide-ranging as sanitation, education and safety.

Why are they the right choice for others:

  • Creates open access information that is interactive and context-specific as training and workshop modules and on social media platforms to help citizens understand different constitutional matters that impact their lives as individuals and communities.
  • Working in partnership and collaboration with educational institutions and civil society organisations to conduct workshops and training to help communities deepen their understanding of citizen rights and actions.
  • Strong campaigns and messaging in partnership with educational institutes, major brands, media platforms and social media to encourage youth to engage with an understanding of constitutional citizenship and their everyday lives.


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