Wildlife SOS

Wildlife SOS

Saving India's Wildlife

Wildlife SOS works with a holistic approach of saving individual animals while protecting entire species. They work to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife in distress in both urban and rural environments, rescuing a number of orphaned, injured, and displaced wildlife found in cities and locations from wherever they work in India. Injured animals are given medical treatment, and many are released back into the wild. Where this is not possible, permanent homes are provided for the animals at one of their rescue facilities. Their work involves operating a skilled rescue and medical team on the ground, with a dedicated elephant ambulance, 12 sanctuaries and India’s first elephant hospital. Wildlife SOS works on thoughtful long-term conservation and cares through data and research conducted with camera traps, drones, and captive animal care studies at rescue facilities. A critical part of this involves outreach work with local communities through outreach programmes to reduce or resolve human-wildlife conflicts.

What excites us about their work:

  • Focus on providing long-term and specialist medical care and rehabilitation to neglected animals that are poached illegally while simultaneously attending to the needs of marginal communities caught in the trade of abused animals.
  • Work on protecting individuals of species of animals and whole species involves an interconnected networks of actors and communities that they interface with via education, building sustainable communities and empowering women and tribals.
  • Building a knowledge base to develop a human understanding that is necessary to save wild animals.
  • Work with government and corporate sponsorships across the country to bring attention to neglected and abused animals and train and raise awareness with local communities and enforcement agencies.


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