Youth Alliance

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Youth Alliance

Connecting youth with a cause

Youth Alliance creates leadership programs for young people to experience participative, collaborative and empathetic leadership to bring harmony with one’s self and in the world. These leadership and learning programs are experiential in nature and aimed at giving exposure to youth about social issues and providing a path for service. Key aspects of their work are to explore collective leadership, well-being, organisational ecology, policies and zero waste. They offer various programs in which they nurture individuals to break out of the silo mentality and imagine themselves as part of lively ecosystems. Some of these include group immersion journeys to explore rural India, climate emergency and self-exploration. Their alumni movements involve groups of participants fostering further dialogues and gathering for young people and educators.

What excites us about their work:

  • Offering an unusual pathway to community action by fostering self-reflection and networks for individuals to make connections with the larger world.
  • Acting as a bridge between the self and community through creative programming.
  • Offering young people a platform for personal journeys to break out of their ideas of the world and co-create pathways for the future that are challenging and alternative.


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