Somaiya Kala Vidya, Kutch

Somaiya Kala Vidya, an institution of education for traditional artisans of Kutch, offers design & business education based on existing traditions, and teaches a spectrum of rural traditions so as to preserve and protect the traditional arts.

National Law School of India University, Bangalore

In 2020, NLSIU identified five focus areas where it will develop new interdisciplinary research clusters. These focus areas are: Labour and Work; Climate Justice; State Design and Reform; Access to Justice & Legal System Reform and Law, Technology and Society. The Law, Technology and Society Cluster integrates the work of the faculty and researchers in […]

NeoMotion Assistive Solutions Pvt Ltd

NeoMotion is an IIT Madras incubated start-up and creates life transformative products for the physically challenged and the elderly. They help wheelchair users move around independently for all that they want to do, creating technology customisable to add comfort, mobility, manoeuvrability and ergonomics, and providing independent mobility across distances to wheelchair users with a motorised […]

Life and Liberty Foundation

Life and Liberty Foundation

An organisation committed to protecting life, liberty and dignity and promoting the rule of law, fair treatment by the law and justice for all. They safeguard access to effective representation and legal aid and promote solutions to prevent crime, unnecessary detention and prison overcrowding. This work netails facilitating access to information for persons in prison, […]

Digital Empowerment Foundation

DEF has worked since 2002 towards empowering people in rural India where the vast majorityof Indians live, to help them gain access to healthcare, education, skills and livelihoodopportunities through digital literacy and tools. They make technology accessible to women,youth, the elderly and persons with disabilities. They work to provide digital literacy, medialiteracy and digital upskilling […]


Haqdarshak builds systems to support welfare delivery service to the last mile. The Indian government spends over 7% of its GDP on welfare services but there is a gap in demand and supply and enormous unspent funds due to information asymmetry, accessibility and mobility issues, and low levels of literacy. Haqdarshak creates technology that digitises […]

Bangalore International Center (BIC)

Bangalore International Centre is a local, independent space and institution that encourages the intellect and facilitates open dialogue. It is an enabling environment for arts, culture and informed conversations. It curates cultural experiences and acts as a knowledge repository aims to develop a diverse audience profile by planning events that are topical and interesting to […]