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The justice system bears the full burden of catering to the needs of every last individual in the country. It aims to make the legal system fair, equitable and offer speedy justice to all. We assist the system by enabling easy access to justice, one that’s data-driven, innovative, and builds the human capital and capacity for equity.



We believe that a well-functioning democracy resides on an active citizenry.

It is paramount that justice remains independent and be seen so. The justice system and the judiciary is a large complex system of institutions, individuals, networks and services meant to assist our vast population. Any design to support it must be holistic, and must recognise the human as well as the systemic challenges within it.

We believe that by promoting the use of data as a public good and by building narratives that are data and information-driven, we can support this system. We believe philanthropy can enable more human capital to enter into the system and bring with them new and innovative methods of addressing some of its endemic issues. It is not about rebuilding the system anew; the focus of philanthropy should instead be targeted at easing choke points within the system.

RNPF recognises that the effectiveness of any access to justice program resides on three pillars: the effective collection of data, an informed and better narrative around the justice system and a network that adds to the systemic capacity of the justice system and the protection of rights.

01_Fields of Work (315x315 px)


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Early Grants

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