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Birds In India is a project by Nature Conservation Foundation that introduces children and adults alike to the rich bird life in India. They believe that birds are a starting point for nature education, easily seen and found all around us, and a way to encourage children to get interested in their environment. They encourage engagement through various means: innovative content through multilingual educational material (in print and digital form) to engage learners about the rich birdlife of India, training amateur birdwatchers to introduce children to birds, and developing networks through local groups which work with children to encourage birdwatching. They have developed a range of material from games and creative activities to a Handbook for Bird Educators. Their learning tools are for children of all ages, and their intensive workshops are created in in-person and digital formats and conducted all across the country. They collaborate with organisations across India to bring more young people into the fray.

Why are they the right choice for others:

  • Create open source resources to share experiences and knowledges to build conservation communities around birding and nature
  • Create multilingual multiformat educational material at scale to conduct workshops, trainings and events to help grow an interest in nature and nature education
  • Work in collaborative networks across the country in a wide range of environments and ecosystems


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