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cafe oikos

Walk the talk for our planet

Deriving its name from ‘Science Cafe’, a popular global format to spread the joy in public spaces, Cafe Oikos is a volunteer driven initiative. Oikos, which means a place to live, lends a focus of ecology and conservation to their work. Researchers in the space of ecology and conservation share their research findings, reflections and wins and losses in public format events and network of communities. These public talks are aimed at diminishing barriers between scientists and the public and to spread interest in ecology and conservation in India.

Why they are the right choice for others:

  • Bridges gaps between disciplinary work in conservation and general public interest through public engagements that break down complex ideas
  • Makes science accessible and the scientist even more available, and explains the methodologies of working between science and conservation
  • Exploring contemporary legislation, ecological politics, public health, local flora and fauna
  • Volunteer run initiative to encourage an interest in the sciences


Cafe Oikos

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