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Centre for Wildlife Studies

Promoting Wildlife Conservation

The Centre for Wildlife Studies is a 37-year-old centre-of-excellence working to save India’s wildlife through science, conservation, policy and education. They focus on mitigating the impact of human activity on wildlife and wild places and empowering communities who live near protected communities through conflict mitigation, agriculture, education, healthcare, finance and alternative livelihood options. Their work includes building individual and institutional capacity in wildlife research through educational training, and they do this by partnering with and assisting government and civil society institutions in the scientific management of wildlife habitats. A key aspect of the work is engaging the public to care for the wild through storytelling, science and media.

What excites us about their work:

  • Well-established and working at the intersection of the impact of humans on wildlife and wild environments; keeping in mind the necessity of assisting and empowering local communities who dwell near forest areas.
  • Working closely with communities around wildlife areas to promote health, safety and SOS care with a long term focus on building sustainable coexistence.
  • Production of narratives to impact the intrusions on India’s wildlife in collaboration with decision making.
  • Partnering closely with decision makers and governments and governance to improve the scientific management of habitats for conservation.


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