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Clean Coonoor

Committed Citizens of Conoor

Clean Coonoor is a people’s initiative that works on projects that the resident community can execute in coordination with civic authorities. The focus is to ensure that the town is kept clean and hygienic: clean water and air and efficient systems for the disposal of waste. Their work is to assist the municipal corporation in restoring the local environment and infrastructure, which includes maintaining culverts and drains, restoring grasslands and marshlands, and solid waste management. Clean Coonoor is focused on creating awareness in resident communities and tourists via educational activities such as lectures, nature and heritage walks and direct action clean-ups.

What excites us about their work:

  • Focus on destigmatising an area key to ecological and economic development through education and innovative practices that can be used across locations and scale.
  • Creating a network of actors between civil society and government institutions to address the problem of waste, and to increase strength (information and practices) in addressing problem areas.
  • Using art, culture and narratives to cultivate a sense of place, pride and ownership of town and location as motivators for social change.


UN Sustainability GOALS