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Conservation India

Enabling Conservation action

CI is a volunteer-driven non-profit that facilitates nature conservation by providing reliable and practical knowledge for efficient and effective action in conservation. They work to establish key information and knowledge on what conservation is, as well as highlighting areas of concern where animals and ecologies are threatened due to development, human negligence or legislations. Their concern is how to preserve the ecological integrity of natural habitats and the hard decisions this entails, and how this impacts human life. They create expert opinions on varied topics, and link individuals to grassroots organisations to find different ways to participate in conservation.

Why are they the right choice for others:

  • They aim to be a single point resource to enable wildlife conservation action empowered by the right information and tools.
  • Work to create a public repository of expert opinion and information to enable lay readers and citizens to act and participate in conservation efforts at local levels
  • Document and describe the varied aspects of conservation to establish an understanding of the many levels that exist within the field.
  • Promote a civil society understanding of how the government and private sectors are at play in supporting or harming conservation efforts.


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